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So, why are… is an instant formative assessment tool for your classroom, providing you with live feedback and immediate overview over your students. Engage your whole class, include every student … Reusable classroom resources are always useful, and teachers love our write and wipe products including our popular A4 mini whiteboard products. Whether you're looking for something as simple as lined or squared wipe and write whiteboards, key word cards, or for card templates that can help pupils to practice place value, addition, subtraction, 2016-08-09 Mini Whiteboards Description Individual student whiteboards are the 21st-century version of the chalk slates used by students in colonial times! As thousands of teachers have found, whiteboards provide a great way of actively involving students in the learning process -- and a terrific tool for immediate feedback and assessment. Mini Whiteboards and A4 Whiteboards Show-Me boards have been a student favorite since 2000 and have been the staple of mini whiteboards in schools since. Virtually indestructible and lightweight, these mini whiteboards come in a choice of thicknesses and can be purchased as part of our class pack, which includes 35 boards, 35 pens and 35 erasers.

Mini whiteboards for classrooms

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They can be used to write on and wipe off, some have  Start with a clean slate next semester -- introduce mini-whiteboards to your classroom! Students love working on their own whiteboards; it's a great way of keeping  30 Mar 2020 Mini Whiteboard Storage. Mini whiteboards are often too bulky for students to carry around from classroom to classroom or to take home every  30 Jul 2020 I love using whiteboards in my classroom and find them really brilliant for brainstorms, spellings, tables, maths and more. A4 Write 'n' Wipe Boards Pack of 30 (Mini Whiteboards). €29.99. A pack of 30 A4 blank dry wipe boards.

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thematic patterns in a multilingual science classroom. instantaneous and often entailed raising the mini-whiteboards for the teacher to read.

Mini whiteboards for classrooms

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Mini whiteboards for classrooms

95 $59.95 $59.95 2016-08-09 · As we’ve seen, mini whiteboards are an adaptable and efficient tool in the young learner classroom. They can be used for a wide variety of tasks and at many different stages in a lesson. Students really enjoy working with the boards, helping to keep them focused as well as motivated.

Mini whiteboards for classrooms

In the business world, people use them to convey information and ideas. Allowing you to express yourself by hand, whiteboards are also reusable alternatives to paper for notetaking. With one swipe, you can brainstorm from a blank slate. Close knowledge gaps in your classroom by using my template for an activity with mini whiteboards!
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Mini whiteboards for classrooms

They can be used to write on and wipe off, some have magnetic surfaces making them excellent for teaching activities involving alphabet or numeracy activities. They are inexpensive meaning each student can have their own. I find that the mini-whiteboards help to bridge the gap between whole-class work and working in exercise books. But the smoother transitions are not the only reason I love mini-whiteboards in maths. There’s also the fact that I can see at a glance what my students are doing: it is quite literally writ large, even while I'm positioned at the board operating the upside-down roller blind that reveals the questions. The most useful classroom resource - Mini A4 Dry-wipe boards for individual pupil use.

av M Axelsson · 2020 · Citerat av 1 — Consequently, teachers have to scaffold both content and language. and often entailed raising the mini-whiteboards for the teacher to read. Till sin hjälp har eleverna mini-whiteboards för att anteckna sina uträkningar. Mattediagnos med självrättande quiz i Google classroom. Det blir lättöverskådligt  Ge elevernas samarbete och engagemang en skjuts med hjälp av Jamboard-appen, som drivs av Google Cloud. Elever som använder surfplattor får åtkomst till  Vi är professionella klassrum skriver white board tillverkare och leverantörer i Vi accepterar SMALL ORDER för att kontrollera kvalitet & stödja OEM DESIGNS.
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Mini whiteboards for classrooms

Get the whole class involved. My Maths lessons revolve around mini whiteboards. I use them during explicit teaching 2. Teacher led group work. With all the differentiated teaching I do nowadays I find my mini whiteboards get a workout. Filed Under learning, teaching, whiteboards At KEGS we have made it possible for every teacher to have a set of mini-whiteboards or ‘show-me boards’ in every classroom, as featured in a recent newsletter. A full set with pens and wipers costs £60 – a bargain.

The best thing about these products is that they're so versatile, you can use  Acorn Educational is an Irish based stationery supply company focused towards primary school teachers. We offer tailor made stationery packages for teachers  Start with a clean slate next semester -- introduce mini-whiteboards to your classroom! Students love working on their own whiteboards; it's a great way of keeping  Buy school whiteboards today at TTS - the UK's leading school supplier! High quality Introducing Singapore Maths to your classroom. TTS Whiteboards. Teachables blank whiteboards kit allow children to draw or write with ease, wipe it off clean and start again.
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